How to setup MediaPortal with the Terratec Cinergy 1200 DVB-C card

MediaPortal turns your PC in a very advanced Multi-Media Center / HTPC. It allows you to listen to your favorite music & radio, watch your video's and DVD's, view, schedule and record live TV and much more. You get Media Portal for free/nothing/nada/nopes and best of all it is opensource. This means anyone can help developing Media Portal or tweak it for their own needs!

This guide shows you how I installed MediaPortal 2.0beta with the Terratec Cinergy 1200 DVB-C card.

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Step 1: Install the BDA drivers

WARNING: THERE IS NO OBVIOUS WAY BACK TO THE OLD DRIVERS (I didn't manage to install the original WDM drivers again on the same system).

Get the Terratec BDA drivers (version 4.7 BETA) via Terratec's support site:



Unzip the Cinergy1200DVB-C_Drv_BDA_4.7Beta.exe somewhere (double-click the executable or use an unzipper like WinZIP).

As administrator go to the 'Device Manager'.

If you installed the original (WDM) drivers, find the Terratec DVB-C card and tuner under the 'Sound, video and gamecontrollers'. Select 'Capture', right-click and select: Uninstall. Select 'Tuner', right-click and select: Uninstall.

Right-click 'Sound, video and gamecontrollers', select: 'Scan for hardware changes'.

The DVB-C card will be detected again. Do not connecto to Windows Update to search for them (option: No, Not this time). Choose to install from a list or specific locatione (Advanced). Select: Don't search, I will choose the driver to install. Click: Have Disk. Browse and navigate to the directory where the unzipped drivers from Cinergy1200DVB-C_Drv_BDA_4.7Beta.exe are, select Cinergy_1200_DVB-C.inf. Press Open, and OK.

.. ignore the warnings about digital signing.

After a few seconds, the tuner is detected. Select the same path, and Cinergy_1200_DVB-C.inf from the unzipped driver directory.

Again press Next, and Accept/ignore the warnings

Devicemanager now shows:

Reboot your system and check Device Manager again for possible errors.

Continue with installing MediaPortal 2.0rc2

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